The attached quotation is subject to the following terms and conditions:



  1. The obligations of Cardinal Concrete Ltd. are subject to contingencies of accidents, delays in transportation, governmental regulations, fires, mechanical breakdown or any other cause unavoidable or beyond our control. Cardinal Concrete Ltd. will not accept backcharges for delivery issues as a result of these conditions.
  2. Unless otherwise stipulated, concrete quoted on the attached quotation is in accordance with CSA-A23.1-09 Table 5, Alternate #1. As such, concrete mix designs will be provided as per Table 5, Alternate #1 only.  For proprietary reasons, Cardinal Concrete Ltd. will not provide detailed mix design proportions or constituent weights.
  3. This quotation and/or the submission of mix designs are in no way related to, or imply a design service life expectancy. Unless noted otherwise, Cardinal Concrete Ltd. guarantees that the mixes supplied will meet, and are limited to, the exposure classification criteria as listed in CAN/CSA A23.1-09 Table 1 and Table 2.
  4. The purchaser is responsible for inspection of the product at site to confirm that the correct mix has been delivered. The purchaser’s use of the product is at its own risk and the Purchaser shall indemnify and save the Seller harmless of all liabilities arising out of, or relating to the Purchaser’s control of the product.
  5. Where water is added to ready mix at the request of its employees, or its agents (including but not limited to: pumpers, placers and finishers) Cardinal Concrete Ltd. shall not be held responsible for strength or any other properties of the concrete. This includes water added to the pump lines or the pump hopper prior to, or during, discharge.
  6. Deliveries beyond the nearest traveled public road including access to the jobsite are the responsibility and/or the risk of the Purchaser. Surcharges may apply for exceptions to this policy.
  7. Prices are based upon deliveries of 6.0 cubic metres on normal working days between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm. For loads smaller than 6.0m3 a small load charge may apply.  Prices are also based upon the prompt unloading of trucks. Trucks held on site for more than 10 minutes per cubic metre may be subject to a standing time charge.
  8. We cannot guarantee that the raw materials for this project will come from a single deposit. Please advise us if this is a factor necessary to meet the requirements of the job.
  9. Concrete mixes that include either Krystol lnternal Membrane (K.I.M.) or Xypex and are supplied as per the project specifications, or at the request of the customer. It is the opinion of Cardinal Concrete Ltd. that these admixtures can significantly reduce the natural porosity of concrete and the subsequent migration of water through concrete.  Proper concrete placement, consolidation and construction design are critical factors as water resistance of the concrete may be compromised as a result of honeycomb, cold joints, tie holes, shrinkage cracking and deflective cracking.  Cardinal Concrete Ltd. does not provide a performance guarantee or warrant the waterproofing capability of either admixture. For specific product warranty or guarantee information, please contact the admixture manufacturer.
  10. In consideration of the inherent characteristic of concrete to shrink during the early stages of curing, Cardinal Concrete Ltd. will not accept any responsibility or liability for cracking or curling of the concrete. Cardinal Concrete Ltd. strongly recommends adherence to the curing procedures as noted in CAN/CSA A23.1-09, Section 7.4,1, Tables 2 & 20.  For low shrinkage concrete mix design options and recommendations, please contact your sales representative.
  11. As per CSA A23.1-09, Alternate #1. Section (2) “Problems of blistering or scaling may occur if a trowel finish is applied to air-entrained concrete.” As such Cardinal Concrete Ltd. will not accept any liability should blistering or scaling occur.
  12. Stamped Concrete is created through the process of impressing a pattern into the surface of the concrete while the material is still in a plastic state. As a result of this finishing process the top layer can be subject to a higher risk of freeze-thaw damage or spalling.  Cardinal Concrete Ltd. guarantees that the concrete will meet the specified properties in accordance with CSA.  Cardinal Concrete is not responsible for damage as a result of the installation process including that of stamped concrete.
  13. It is the responsibility of the account customer to ensure that correct billing information is provided at the time of material ordering. An administrative surcharge may be applied in any circumstance that results in wrong billing information being provided to Cardinal Concrete Ltd. where a credit/rebill is required.
  14. Credit Card payments will be charged on a date of sale basis, and will not be accepted for monthly statement payments.
  15. A Finance Charge of 2% per month is applicable on all overdue accounts.